I am excited to announce the release of the FTCache library. This is a generic caching library written in PHP for PHP applications to do whatever type of caching you need. It is designed to be completely modular so you can select the algorithm (Strategy) for managing the cache along with the storage mechanism (Container) on instantiation, and switch between them with no change in functionality. For example, if you want to test out different caching algorithms, you can focus completely on the algorithm and the system can handle the storage mechanism for you. It would be perfect for algorithm comparison as well.

The core of the system is heavily and thoroughly tested and should be rock solid, so you have a strong foundation to build upon. The library currently has one strategy and two containers included with the library. More will come as I need them

For anybody looking to integrate it into Code Igniter or another framework, it is completely object oriented, so it should be seamlessly easy. If you have problems, questions or requests, please email me at justin@fugitivethought.com. The official home page of the project is: