Yay For Open Source!

Hello again everyone. We are currently changing some stuff around in the administrative side of our CMS (a home-brewed blog/comments/content management system). One thing that is making some things easier for us is our move to using Javascript-based WYSIWYG editor for the blog entries themselves. We are usingTinyMCE (http://tinymce.moxiecode.com/) which is actually very nice. I had orginally discovered with while experimenting with Joomla (http://www.joomla.org/) which uses it for a lot of their forms.

I’m happy to say that it works quite well and we’ll definitely be sticking with it (pending Steve’s approval as well of course). There are some things about it that might make it easier (better key bindings for example) so perhaps if we get ambitious we will actually fix these and submit the patches, we’ll see how time treats us.

Anyway, good luck and happy coding

  Justin D.