Just a quick note for anybody who is curious what exactly they have to install in order to get all of their lovely C / C++ functions to show up in man (anybody in my class that is doing Linux-based development for the first time might care), the proper package is manpages-dev. This allows you to look up things like strstr, malloc, realloc, sprintf, etc in man from your command prompt so you know exactly why that darned thing isn’t compiling!

If you have ubuntu (and probably Debian too) that would be:
apt-get install manpages-dev

Happy coding!

*Extra Note. If you need the man pages for threads and some other more advanced stuff, install glibc-doc. If you are using Debian, there may be an issue with this because they removed them from apt until people update the pthread_ calls man pages because they are ~8 years out of date.. this may not be true still, but I saw some people having that problem)