Haha, well like every other time I post… I am now apologizing for not posting enough! Okay.. apology over. Anyway, school is going great, and I’m finally in the classes that are directly useful to the sorts of things I like to do.

The class I’m doing the best in is CSE 220 – Computer Architecture. It’s all about the inner workings of processors and a lot of the standards that go with modern processor design, from ALU circuit design to the IEEE 754 standard for floating point numbers. Oh, and my favorite part, MIPS assembly language programming. It’s actually pretty cool to be able to write alot of the stuff I’ve been doing with higher level languages right down at the processor level. It’s an awesome connection between the other programming languages and the hardware logic that I learned in CSE 210.

Another one of my classes is CSE 230 – Software Engineering. This class is supposed to make you think about the design of larger applications from various levels (very high level system concepts all the way down to class hierarchies and code). A lot of the tools (UML diagrams, etc) are ones that I have used to at least some extent before, but this class is giving me good experience both with thinking about the problems and with actually using the tools (although I must say…. Together Architect is nice for diagram design, but NOT worth the over-10 grand they charge for it… use Umbrello!).

Anyway, finals are nearly upon us, and I’m probably not going to write another blog post for a long time, so feel free to wait around for my next apology for not writing often enough!