Well well, hello again my dear readers. As usual I have been a bad little blogger and not kept you all up to date on our myriad projects, so this is one big post to let you guys know that we are still here and still alive.

Steve may want to to do a more detailed post on this at a later time, but I’d like to inform you that he has been spending many a long sleepless night learning how to and then building a custom Linux LiveCD based off ofUbuntu for the UConn Linux Association so we can distribute it to any UConn student who would care to grab one and be cool…

On vaguely related note, one of the nights Steve and I spent awake in ITEB doing computer stuff (I was completing the build of my newest LinuxFromScratch on my laptop, he was building the LiveCD) I happened across the techie / hacker series Hak.5 through a link posted on Digg and abused the buildings wireless by downloading a couple of episodes. While they may seem a bit condescending at time and hacks aren’t anything totally mind blowing, I like the series (a heck of a lot better than The Broken). One of my favorite hacks they did was a very simple one that you can use to transfer audio over light waves via a $10 laser pointer from ThinkGeek. So very late last night (around 2 AM this morning to be precise), I got the urge to build it. The write up of the story will be made available within the next couple of days, but I will warn you in advance that the end result suprised even me…….

On an untechnical note, I am sitting here eating Ramen Noddles (mmmmmmmmm) out of an upside-down plastic cover from one of those 100 CD racks because I couldn’t find a bowl to microwave them in…… ah college life 😛