Well the final decision is in on the Dodge Mirada: I’m keeping her :-D. I reinstalled my stereo (sounds woonderful again!) so I can have some good quality sound on my cross country trip. We cleaned off the gauge next to the fly wheel for the timing belt and get her timing back in the right spot using a handy dandy Timing Light.

If you have never seen or used one before, check it out, it’s an awesome example of basic electronics: you connect it to the first spark plug wire and to your battery. Whenever the first plug fires, the fluorescent bulb in the gun flashes, hilighting the timing mark on the fly wheel. Next to the fly wheel is a gauge showing top-dead-center (TDC) and a number of degrees in each direction. Then you can adjust the timing to the correct position (for my Mirada it’s 16 degrees before TDC) by rotating the distributor cap. The coolest part to me is the sensor on the gun that detects the signal in the spark plug wire.

Anyway, so yes, the beast baby will be coming to Maine with me when my family moves and I’ll probably store it in Maine until I get parking all straightened out at UConn. So that’s the car update of the day. On a computer front, I’ve been reading a book on Python and am becoming familiar with it. It seems to be a cool, straight forward language that has some power. Most of what I’d do with it is probably better done with Perl or C, but for something quick and dirty, python seems to be able to get it done. I’ll put up a bunch of Python programs that I write up on our Projects Page as I go on. Who knows, maybe I’ll come with something useful!

Alright, the Justin is tired, peace out and happy hacking.