Well, I’ve been a bit busy recently, so not much progress has been made on this site :-/. Anyway, I’m putting a little time into it today, and I’ll keep moving forward. For today’s cool link of the day, Steve brings you an amazing dude who built his own computer from scratch. No, this isn’t a “from scratch” as in he bought the different cards, etc, and put it all together. No no no, that is cool, but not hackerly. A TRUE hacker designs his own computer from COMPLETE SCRATCH using TTL gates!!! Then comes up with an instruction set, compilers, etc. This amazing guy’s website is here: http://www.homebrewcpu.com/.

Speaking of Steve, he’s terribly busy also, at the moment with no time to learn phpMyAdmin basics, so he won’t be posting on his blog until he either gets the time to learn about phpMyAdmin or else I write a completely intuitive posting / editting system. So I guess II’ll work on that some today….

For anybody interested in looking at my Dodge Mirada, the old site is available here for your viewing pleasure. I’ll transport it over to Fugitive Thought as soon as I get a quick chance.

Enough for today. Peace out and happy hacking!