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Well, here is the very beginning of my blogging system. I get involved in a ton of projects, but it appears that this website is my current main project. I’m a bit out of practice with my web coding, but I shall get back up to par. I would like to thank Steve for his wonderful help with the color scheming. He’s going to fix my messy shadows and other stuff as soon as he finishes one of his other projects with a deadline, but I think I can live with my rudimentary design until then ;).

The cool thing about this site is that I am writing it completely from scratch (aka, no editors any better than vi!! (okay, so maybe I’m using eclipse a little bit too….), but basically it means I’m writing all the code by hand, the old school way ^)_(^. And I’m doing it from inside my two LinuxFromScratch boxes that have been put together completely by me (and of course the OS is customized, I’ll get the details on my own version of LFS up in the Projects Section as soon as I get the time). So I guess you can say I’m doing things from the ground up here ;). Too bad my two comps aren’t custom built…. I cheaped out and got an eMachine’s desktop a while back (good deal on it tho!) and a nice Toshiba lappy. I’ll customize the hardware later :-P.

As some of you may notice from the changelog, I am currently living on the west coast (Washington State to be exact). But it appears my family is moving (yet again!) back to the east coast (to Maine). So there may be a lull in my connectivity and work on this site, but I promise I soon as I get back to a good ‘net connection, and definitely by the time I get back to school on August 18th, I’ll get right back to work on it! My own car project (the Dodge Mirada) is currently up for sale. If I can get the price I want for it I’ll be happy, and I really don’t think I’ll be too desperate for a car around here, or when I get back to school…. we shall see what time brings.

Alright, I guess that’s long enough for a first post! Oh, and since Steve’s blog isn’t up yet, I’ll post a link he sent me. For you technically inclined people, or even the not-so-technically-inclined who still care about your privacy rights, here is an interesting read: http://www.prisonplanet.com/022904rfidtagsexplode.html.

Peace, and happy hacking!!